Your Love Was a Lie



Alone in the dark

Surrounded by lines of white

Iím lost in a dream

Drifting through an endless night

I have a craving to numb

To keep the pain trapped inside

Believing your lies

That you would stay by my side


Where is the love

That you promised to me

As I look around

You turn your back on me


I awake from this scare

My screams fading in the light

I dreamed I died

And that I gave up this pointless fight

I canít feel anything

My out is imploding to the inside

I trusted your kiss

And my happiness is starting to slide


Where is the love

That you whispered to me

As I search for your touch

The wreckage of life is all I see


Your love was a lie

And it took everything from me

The rain has fallen

And Iím slipping back into the sea

I gave it all up

Hoping that your love was true

But here in this place

To survive I must get away from you


Where is the love

That you took from me

Iím clean and sober now

And I can finally be free




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