Sitting here in this altered state
Popping pills seem to numb my hate
A total loss of words to write
Nothing inspires me in this night

Past is past our future is forgotten
Untimely stains the soul is rotten
Love songs are for those still in love
And help never comes even from above

Lies and half truth in sober voice
Bullshit and theory your only choice
Nothing gained happiness always out of reach
I'm an abortion and my birth is breached

Living life to the utmost extremes
Living with you was like living in a dream
Yet I can't help but feel a bit misled
Since all pathways to love end in bed

The beginning of our truth I can't escape
Though I take small steps I still embrace this fate
Underneath these lies and smiling face
Hides my bitterness time can not erase

Truth never applied to our conversation
Sex is the prize and intended manipulation
Through all these lies and all my defences
You broke down my walls and smashed my senses

Remembering all these things I tend to regret
There is no sex or drug to help me forget
Love that is wrong always feels so right
Despite whispered admissions under moonlight

When never believed I begin to ponder
All those that are lost do not always wander
I must have temporarily lost my mind
It's true what they say infatuation is blind

But if I were to know how it would end in strife
I never would have allowed you into my life
But past is past and the judgment is rendered
I await the day you become un-remembered




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