The Smoky Bar



Sitting all alone in that smoky bar
You were drunk and I knew you shouldn't drive a car
I asked where you lived and you said it wasn't far
So we left that smoky bar
You and I in my car
To your place that wasn't far

We got to your door
You fell on the floor
You wanted us to drink and I asked, "More?"
But I shut your door
Picked you up off the floor
And like two idiots we both drank a bit more

You stumbled upstairs with sex on your mind
I was a bit guilty and debated if we should grind
But you just smiled and stated I was in a bind
So I went with your mind
Decided that we should do the grind
And you were right because I awoke in a bind

You didn't remember that smoky bar
You wondered where you left your car
I assured you it wasn't far
So we went back to that smoky bar
You and I in my car
And boy was I lucky that it wasn't that far




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