The Pain Inside of Me



Everything is closing
Sneaking up on me
So I embrace all things
Living in stupidity
When I remember us
I think of how it used to be

Your face I see in my dreams
In the depths of my mind
I invoke the gods to strike
To reach out and make me blind
But despite all my curses
At night you I always find

Once we were burning hot
But our love has finally died
Leaving each of us standing
Across this great divide
Failing to give up on you
Even though I've tried

Haunting me in my sleep
I never seem to get away
You dominate my dreams
Even to this darkened day
I scream out for an eternity
I just can't get away

I lay and I bleed
I cry and will always need
Smiling to your face
So you will never see
Never see this pain
Hiding inside of me




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