The Finale



It's five o'clock and I arrive home
This house is empty I feel so alone
I wonder if you're working late
There's a message saying you'll be home by eight

I place my coat on the chair in the den
Go to the kitchen and get a bottle of Zin
The one you bought that time at the fair
The liquid tastes bitter without you there

By six o'clock the shadows fall
I stare at our memories lining the walls
There was a time when the sun would set
You'd be right beside me and the day we'd forget

There's something special about the dining room
We'd light candles and romance would bloom
We'd laugh and talk with nothing to say
Building up to the climax on the way

Holding hands we'd start the passion there
There were times we never made it up the stairs
Making love in the fading light
Inside of you my life felt right

But something happened along the way
Divided by things we forgot how to say
It's bittersweet as I drink my wine
Realizing that your life's no longer mine

But we still live in my fantasy
In my dreams it's still you and me
Can we get back to how it used to be
Here in my memory

Seven o'clock and I've got a plan
Tonight's the night I make my last stand
Maybe there in that dining room
We can cut through the silence and the gloom

I made a fish the kind you like
A bucket of ice chilling the white
The tables set and I wait for you
I'm a bit nervous but I'll see it through

At eight o'clock you walk through the door
I'm standing there with a glass and I pour
Hoping to see some encouraging sign
I walk into the kitchen as you drink your wine

You sit down and the dinner begins
The talk is small like estranged friends
I can't believe the silence is there
Where once our lives always shared

At nine o'clock your cell phone rings
And to your face a smile it brings
You walk out and I wonder why
I guess it's easier than telling a lie

You hang up and head off to bed
I hang back knowing our love is dead
In my head I know I can't fight anymore
You're just as gone as if you walked out the door

So here I am finally facing reality
There's nothing left of you and me
We're just another used to be
Existing only in my memory




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