That's Me Trying



I got your address off the Internet at the library
Wandered in, looked you up and you were there
Weird how it's been the best part of fifteen years
You must be, what, in your late twenties now
If I remember
You were born in June or was it May
As I waited for you to pick up, I wonder what you'd say

I've been silent
I've had enough
Yet who could blame you
Giving up
Above the quiet, there's a buzz
That's me trying

You still singing inside churches down in Texas?
Have you told anyone...wait, that's not fair
I know I haven't been the best of friends
I'll hold my hand up there
The reason that I'm calling, is I miss you a great deal
Let's get a nostalgic action going
Put the past behind us
Eat some food drink some beer
You still talk to your family?
Tell me about them

I know I've been silent
But I've had enough
I won't blame you
If you give up
Above this quiet, there's a buzz
That's me trying

But I don't want to bring up any of that bad stuff

Why I left you in that hell hole two days before graduation
I'd like to explain my actions
But I can't
So let's keep things easy
Stick to topics that won't freak us out
How about this
Let's choose a book and we'll read it before we meet
Then we can sit down at the restaurant
Have a look at the menu and talk about it while we eat
Pretend that we've never had a problem
Then life would be like that

Let's pretend that the past never happened
I don't really like thrillers anyway
I don't want to know if you have a boyfriend
No need to tell me where I went wrong
I don't want to know what happened in your twenties
You wanna try Brokeback Mountain
Or is that too long

You answer with silence
I know it's not enough
Even now
I've given up
Now there's only quiet, no more buzz
Like you I've stopped trying




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