Something I Can't Have



We became an us after that drunken night
We acted on feelings we both knew were right
Your touch caused a shiver, you felt it as well
My fingers were magic because you choked back a yell

As we kissed and discovered our love in the dark
Your moans became silent as my mouth found the mark
Filled with passion we lasted to greet the coming dawn
But in that same light you said our feelings were wrong

You claimed it was desire that enticed us like bait
But we gave in and once opened that box sealed our fate
In the morning light you looked away like I wasnít there
But I saw the look in your eyes and know you still care

This love that we shared would be right except for your pride
I can even understand why this is something we have to hide

You have too many years believing that loving a man is a sin
But I was broken when you declared we had to just be friends


And if you wonít talk to me how can we work this out
I know my words fell on deaf ears even when I shout
You left and claimed that I would get over it and be fine

But I know that living isnít loving held tightly on a line




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