(Pissed Off Mother Fucker)



What the fuck! You say stop using drugs
Alcohol will only destroy your life
Don't take those pills don't snort that line
Go to bed by ten each night
Tell the truth be honest and open
Be an open book
Let others read you

What the fuck! Sanity is only a few lines away
Reality sucks bring on the booze and pale lines on wooden tables
Sleep is for suckers, conformists and Republicans
The bigger the lie the safer you become
Honesty is the tale controllers dupe others into believing
I'll take higher morals and no future for three hundred
Let others bleed

What the fuck! Reality is virtual
Communication is a hook and humanity is the fish
Confuse the issues with contrived battles only Democrats embrace
Take away the fruit and all that is left is the husk
Heart bleeds tears fall yet no one is immune to lies
Except the liars
Let liars rule

What the fuck! Addiction is my new best friend
Numbness and states not quite centered
I live them embrace them I fuck them
Cigarettes and booze under moonlight
Lies and quick hands look over here
My heart intact and filled with blood
Let me become let me evolve

What the fuck! I cut myself to remain sane
Sanity is only a pill away
But the dosage is off and I forgot to medicate my memory
Sleep is Satan and eyes opened are eyes transfigured by lies
Blood is red unless you're me
Then blood is empty another fluid to release into nothing
Let nothing become my rant let the world see me

What the fuck! Can't you see I'm in pain
This is not block or denied movements
This grimace is for you and for all those false platitudes you spin
Find my center feel my heart
My heart is screaming
Begging for your death
Let pain inside and then let pain simply slide

What the fuck! You never saw me
Yet you are surprised by my new black wardrobe
Finally a smile on my face painted and suddenly the color of healthiness
I never knew you claim...LIAR...I told you
I screamed out for you to feel me...To let others bleed
To let liars rule...To let me evolve...Let me become a success story
To let the world finally see me...But the pain really did slide




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