(High Risk of Self Abuse)



Let me take you to this place inside my mind

Broken feelings angry thoughts Iíve kept inside

No sugar coating here just visions of denial

Come to this place let it go and stay awhile

Come with me




Colors line the sky like red and darkest black

Look deep inside and see the reasons I held back

If all the hate I have are answers that I lack

Know this pain is true Iím always on attack

Come with me




See the mirror there covered with rails of white

Like Absinthe itís the drug to achieve second sight

Eyes of red mixed with blue haunting me each night

Nothing here but this tattered boy in pale moonlight

Come with




Memories of twelve years old are ones I never face

Trace my scars drink the tears time can not erase

I was put here by a father and left in this place

Recalling bite marks with visions of a dick I still taste

Come with me




On second thought stay away from my broke mind

I donít want you here no more whyíd I let you inside

I think Iíd rather stay alone and feed my denial

It might be cold and lonely but I know Iíll stay awhile

Go away from me






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