Geniuses Are Still Fools



Iíll never change the world

And Iíll never discover the cure for Aids

Nor will I offer up the perfect alternative fuel

But Iím a genius nevertheless

My knowledge is in this simple acceptance

That god does not exist


How do I arrive at this conclusion?

Thatís the beauty of my revelation

I donít need to explain it

Itís a feeling that bubbles up from my soul

And spews forth from my lips

Like a tidal wave of truth

That threatens to drown humanity in its simplicity


I will not try and argue my point with anyone

Nor will I write a book about my journey and discovery

I simply state this fact and fade away into the sun

Iíll leave you with your own questions to ponder

I am a genius

And like all geniuses have discovered before me

Others will not comprehend the explanation

Even if I tried


So Iíll leave you with this statement

Free your mind and follow me

My journey is cynical and lonely

I offer no absolutions for any sins youíve committed

I want nothing from you

And I give you just as much in return


Relax and float up in the expanse

Miles away from ordinary

This is the truth

Accept it

Or remain a slave to a system that oppresses you




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