Everything Was All Right



There was this boy I knew

We both went to the very same school

We were best buddies we were pals

I even stayed with him once in a while

We were just like two peas in a pod

Like the same things it was rather odd

You see, all through the junior high

We’d try to catch the pretty girl’s eye

Since I was the loud one in my class

Bold and brazen I had a lot of brass

He sort of kept me on the narrow

Claimed I was like a broken arrow

He warned me to settle down

And not be the wild boy in town

I just laughed, he sort of grinned

Said I’d settle down sometime when

And everything was all right back then


High school came the very next year

I think my brain broke a gear

For those classes were hard and the teachers were mean

I went to class most days just to make a scene

I was jealous, he was a straight A student

I’d never pass and the teachers knew it

So they wrote me off and gave up hope

They knew I’d hang myself if given the rope

But he stuck by me till the end

I got pissed and that’s when

I went and called a teacher a jerk

I lost it, I went crazy berserk

In the end I got kicked out of school

And it was hard since I played the fool

I tried to apologize but she was still mad

So I flipped her off and said I was glad

And everything was all right though he was sad


I went to work at a fast food joint

And started hanging with the boys at the point

See, the point was a big underage party spot

And one night it got busted by the cops

I ran away from the scene

Right into the arms of cop who was mean

The cop had me call someone to pick me up

He came out in his brand new truck

He thanked the officer with a smile

Then didn’t speak for a couple of miles

I was drunk and more than a little sick

He threatened to hit me with a stick

He said it would kill me if I didn’t stop

He said I needed help but not from the cops

He shook his head and said he’d do whatever

That we were still friends forever

And everything was all right the ties I couldn’t sever


But that didn’t stop my wild days

I kept living fast I was set in my ways

Met a man who asked if I was willing

I said I’d do anything short of a killing

So we plotted to do a robbery

The day came when it was set

We robbed that store and hedged our bet

But the clerk pulled a gun, screaming there was no way

I had to shoot knowing there was hell to pay

The man ran away with the cash

I collapsed knowing my life had finally crashed

The cops came and hauled me away

And he couldn’t see me for a couple of days

But he never gave up and showed up for the trial

The judge took the man’s description

But said it wouldn’t change his decision

And everything was all right as I went to prison


So I was left to take the heat

Since I killed a man I got the seat

They let my only friend be there

That dark stormy night I got the chair

He looked at me with tears in his eyes

As I begged him never again to cry

He shouted out that this shouldn’t be

I answered the water always returns to the sea

That some things are meant to happen

And we talked about the good times ignoring his reaction

He told me this wouldn’t change the way he felt

But I’d have to play this hand I’d been dealt

He promised to visit me at my grave

I simply smiled and gave him a final wave

I knew we would be forever tied

As we hugged for that final goodbye

And everything was all right for he never cried…again




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