Duel of Love



In the dark confines of a smoky bar
Where gay boys gather from afar
They have come together to this place
To see who will rule forever in this space
The symbol of this friendship war
Between the one named John
And the broken-hearted boy, to be broken no more 

Enveloped by a trillion black lights
Bodies groping and touching through the night
To find a one to complete the sum
Looking for that perfect lover but finding none
And the one to decide the fate and the death
Of the one named John
And the boy who held his breath 

The audience had gathered close for this ‘fight of the bars’
Friends of the broken-hearted boy had arrived, shining like stars
And those that followed the one named, John, squealed out
Glaring and smoking in the semi-dark, curses they shout
And for a moment, all who had gathered silence fell
Those of the one named John
And the boy who had lived his hell 

Then a cheer erupted, shouts and screams were loud
As an olive skinned boy stepped up, through the crowd
Arrogantly he pranced, his small hands held high
Trailed by his minions, more than a few queers sighed
And with that grand entrance the outcome was bleak
Not for the one named John
But the boy all remembered as weak 

Another cheer erupted, this time the minions shook in pain
As a swell of goodness flowed down like a cleansing rain
Walking into that darken bar, there he stood awaiting this duel
Neither blinking nor cringing, refusing to add fire to this fuel
And there on the finger, a silver band was a gifted ring
To the one named John
From the boy who urged the night to sing 

Then a persona, known both far and wide, appeared in all black
Brandon, the bartender, had been elected to oversee this attack
Opening the book of rules, each side hushed in awe
As the neutral one, cleared his throat, and read the words he saw
As he explained, in his soft golden voice
The one named John
And the boy knew it was “He” who would make the choice 

“Now here’s the rules, and each of you will abide
Once you’re finished, it will be I who decide
The side who is defending, will get the first chance to speak
Then one who feels wronged, will get the answers that he seeks”
Prancing there, a smug expression and glazed eyes
Was the one named John
As the boy steeled himself for the up-coming lies 

John cried out, “This is your last shot tonight.”
The boy just smiled, he had come prepared for a fight
“You’re dead meat boy,” John yelled with glee
Trying mentally to get the upper hand to steal the victory
Because jeers and threats had before worked on this one
And the one named John
Stared at the boy, confident, believing he already won 

Then Brandon rang the bell, the crowd cheered, it was on
And John leaped out, making sure his blows were strong
He brought up nights of drugs and casual sex
The boy countered back saying all these things he regrets
And the jabs of accusations of cheating and nights of lust
The one named John
And the boy who felt love was a matter of trust 

For an hour and five minutes the two battled to a draw
When the boy’s hands came down, John was amazed at what he saw
An opening in the boy’s defence, he struck without a sound
The blow of indifference, sent the boy crashing to the ground
Minions roared in victory, encouraging the one still on his feet
While the one named John
Peered down at the boy, awaiting the ten-count of defeat 

Brandon, the bartender, turned his head
Tears fell from his eyes, signified the boy was dead
Brandon, who had thought the boy would never bend
Feared the ten-count would proclaim the battle’s end
But something caused him to tremble through his sweat
This one named John
Knew in his heart, the boy was not finished yet 

Before Brandon could begin by saying, Ten
The boy stirred and held up his bleeding chin
Staring into the eyes of the one he once loved
Somewhere in his heart, maybe with help from above
He realized the pain he saw in those eyes
Of the one named John
And the boy, for the first time, broke and cried 

“I’m sorry,” the boy said, in a quiet but calm voice
“For all the times I lied and narrowed your choice
I know you were pushed and kept from my heart
If it’s okay with you, I’d like a fresh start.”
And with forgiveness, and love in his stare
The one named John
And the boy, left all the anger there




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