Boy with Dancing Eyes



He speaks to me in riddles

And assures me that he loves me

This boy with dancing eyes


And though I barely know him

I canít help but love him

And trust him with my heart


I wished I never kissed him

Because now I canít resist him

This boy with dancing eyes


And now when he whispers

Take me to your bed again

The way you did last night


Promising everything will be okay

He holds my heart dangerously tight

And when Iím inside it feels so right


ďItís been over twenty-four hours

And I already miss him laying next to me

I cling to his pillow and choke back the tears


He still hasnít called

And he didnít show up for work today

I hope heís all right and wish he wasnít


Itís like going through withdraw

My body aches for his touch and causes me anger

Beating myself blind does little to ease the tension


Still no word from him

And Iím beginning to clear away his lies

Finally I see his words for what they were


A new me emerges to the light

For the first time in five days I sleep without crying

And the world is strangely clear and bright


I think Iím finally over him

The stronger me overtaking my weaker self

And I stand tall and face those that doubted


Itís two am and the doorbell rings

Before I open it I know itís him and my pulse races

He stands before me shirtless and I let him insideĒ


This morning I wake covered with cum and sweat

Our bodies are entwined and I wonder why

I chose to believe this boy with dancing eyes


Because now I can clearly see our future

And there is no happy endings

Just the two of us and our wasted life


And he promises that it will be all right

And that we can somehow work it all out

I collapse into his arms knowing Iím not okay




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