I must have died
For now you're inside
And I'm unprepared

To bring in the light
And admit that you're right
That I'm fucking scared

To say all the words
To show I'm disturbed
Though now in recovery

So I embrace you with hope
To cope
With dope
So you won't know
And then let go
I want you to see
Only the best things in me
And not my broken dreams

There is this darkness in me
Broken bits that you'll see
And start to run

I'll push you away
While wanting to stay
Yeah I'm the deranged one

I can't fall in love
Decreed from above
At least thus far

So I put these words to the page
To cage
My rage
So you won't know
And then let go
I wish you could see
The best things from me
And not my broken things

Late at night
I'm all alone in the dark
I look deep inside my heart
And suddenly happiness isn't far
It's wherever you...ARE




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