A Better You



Standing in this time and in this place
The moment you left our home just became space
I feel like a rain has fallen and washed over me
Iím crying but itís relief that brings me to my knees

I once was willing to fight because we just felt right
But I saw your face when that phone rang last night
Whatís the point of trying to receive another chance

After all this time we have forgotten the dance


We have become something I canít take anymore

Itís no longer worth the pain to fight in this war

If only lovers can exist inside this little dream

Then staying together makes us perverts and obscene

Trust me when I say I heard every word you never spoke
As of this moment I accept it and have given up all hope
No longer will I lie and say the words you need to hear

Because after last night being alone is not what I fear


You think you have decided and left with the dawn

Realization has hit me and I now know we were wrong
Though you might have left it is I who walked away

And it will be me that finds a better you one day




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