Below you will find a list of links I personally recommend to readers of my stories.  The links have been split into three sections, the first a list of sites I am involved with, the second a list of sites I recommend and the third direct links to the pages of some of my favourite authors.  Please be aware that these links are my personal recommendations and should in no way be seen as being officially endorsed by The Authors Haunt or any of its staff members.



My Forum

My forum on The Authors Haunt Community Forums, where you can discuss my work published here and learn about other forthcoming projects.

Somewhere In Between

My other blog, hosted at Awesome Dude, where you can also read about my life and daily thoughts.

The Authors Haunt

The Authors Haunt hosts my writing site as well as sites for other talented writers.  It also has a thriving Community where you can discuss writing and make new friends.

Contact Me

Want to ask me something, but don't want to post on the forum?  Click this link to be taken to my contact form.



Awesome Dude

AwesomeDude is a great site for gay fiction that offers music to read by, easy going forums with friendly misfits ranging from Raccoon's to Emu's, and of course, some talented poets.

DesDownUnder's Blog

DesDownUnder's blog is hosted at Awesome Dude, and is probably one of the most entertaining blogs on the Net.

Lonely Ocean

Lonely Ocean is home to work by Gabriel Duncan, an extremely talented poet from the Bay area.