“Hi, baby.”

Smiling, Justin replied, “Mom, how are you?”

“I’m fine, how you holding up?”


“A bit tired, but I’m used to that.”


“Are you eating properly?”


“I just ate breakfast,” Justin said, adding, “How’s everyone there?”


“Everyone went sailing with your dad.”


Regretting the time away from his family, Justin sighed as his mother added, “Sarah called.”


“Yeah.” He replied hesitantly.


“She wants her ring back.”


Looking over at his dresser, he said, “I’ll send it off today.”

Sitting on the chair, Justin said, “I wish she called me instead of you.”


“She’s a bit pissed at you at the moment.”


“I can’t blame her for that.”


“No you can’t.  We had a long talk.” She added, “I love you, and it’s your decision but you really need to talk to her.”


Justin replied through a sigh, “I can’t...not yet.


“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me what happened?”


“One day, but not yet,” Justin said.

“Just remember I’m always here.”


“Thanks.” Justin hung up the phone and wiped the tears away.  How could he tell his mom the truth?  She so wanted grandkids; it would break her heart. 


He looked in the mirror, “I’m gay.”




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